Day 12 Alexander Technique & Singing Tip: Inhale with your sense of smell!

Why inhaling like you’re smelling a rose (or any scent...maybe a scent you like is better) can help.


If you’ve studied singing, you might have heard someone mention “inhaling like you’re smelling a rose” or something like that. They might not have been able to tell you WHY this was helpful, they just knew it was. Well, here’s the WHY to their WHAT: our sense of smell derives from air particles contacting our olfactory nerves, which carry the information to our brains. The olfactory nerves are located at the very top of the nasopharynx, actually dangling down from the roof of the nasopharynx like stalactites in your nose cave. By inhaling with the intent to smell, you’re inviting air to enter your system at the very highest point of your pharynx, so your breath helps to give you your full length so that your head and neck can be easy, as well as your vocal production. Are you aware of smell throughout your day? (A dangerous proposition in New York City). Can you bring an awareness of smell to your inhales during your singing practice? See how this changes your sense of your breath, length, and ease in your head, neck, and throat. #alexandertechnique #singingtechnique