August 4-17 NYC Intensive

The Foundations of Singing
Breath, Dynamic Body Balance (Posture), and Articulation

For a select group of singers all on partial scholarship thanks to a generous anonymous donor, this program provides the depth (two private lessons plus two group lessons per day) and breadth (two weeks) of instruction to begin to change some of your most deeply ingrained habits in your thinking, body use, and voice, as well as the connections between them.

Learn the foundations of singing, or refine your practice and understanding of the soul of singing: breath, dynamic body balance (posture), and articulation.

The unity of breath, alignment and word is like three children playing in a ring...If one lets go, all become helpless.
— Giusepper Lamperti, Bel Canto Voice Teacher


A poster made to advertise the services of F.M. Alexander

A poster made to advertise the services of F.M. Alexander

The Summer NYC Intensive seeks to make a modern home for a select group of singers who show exceptional promise to receive the rigorous, daily, technical instruction that was a hallmark of the great singers and singing studios of the past.

Almost every book and practice of singing technique begins with posture and breath. F. Matthias Alexander, cured his own vocal problems through special attention to his posture and breath and at the encouragement of his friends to share his method with others, began his career as a teacher of breath and posture to great acclaim.

At the Summer NYC Intensive, learn how the Alexander Technique can help you to find freedom, ease, and facility with your breath, dynamic body balance (posture), and singing under the daily guidance of teachers trained in both Alexander Technique and bel canto singing.



  • Daily private Alexander & Singing technique lessons

  • Daily private coachings with a pianist and an Alexander Teacher providing simultaneous hands on feedback

  • Daily group classes on breath, dynamic body balance (posture), and enunciation/phonation/articulation

  • Daily small group Alexander & Acting class

  • A performance in a final concert

  • Video of the performance in the final concert


Alexander Technique & Voice Teachers: Matthew Cahill, Audrey Luna, & Ann Rodiger
Alexander Technique & Acting Teacher: Lindy Rogers
Musical Coaches: Steven M. Crawford, Kayo Iwama, Matthew Lobaugh, Leann Overton, & Shelby Rhoades
Alexander Technique Teachers: Tom Baird, Tracy Einstein, Jay Foote, Alice McDonald, & Jill Usdan


The new Balance Arts Center
151 West 30th St
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(two blocks from New York Penn Station and most subway lines)


As we try to make this program affordable for all students, there is no application fee.

Application Deadline May 1st. To apply, please email with either a request for a live audition time or links to your video audition.

Repertoire: Please prepare two contrasting selections of music that you love.

Auditions: You may audition live in Cincinnati: Sunday, April 28th (Please apply by April 21st for a live audition in Cincinnati) or in New York City: Saturday, May 11th. You may also audition by video submission.


This program has been generously underwritten by an anonymous donor so that the daily, rigorous, technical instruction of the great singers of the past is possible today. Recognizing the financial difficulties of young singers at the early stages of their development, the Summer NYC Intensive charges no application fee, offers an experienced audition pianist free of charge at auditions, and offers a highly subsidized tuition to each of the 15 singers who are admitted to the program.

Total cost for eleven days of instruction, with two private sessions and two group sessions per day: $950

* Subject to change