October 4-6 NYC Intensive:
Full Body Singing

Space is limited to 15 Singers. Apply today and jump start your singing process with the Alexander Technique!


The Full Body Singing workshop is designed for singers 18+ as an intensive introduction of the Alexander Technique to your singing process.

As singers we enter the practice room every day with an idea of how to improve our technique. Countless hours are spent "releasing our head, neck, tongue, lips and jaw", "inhaling with ease", "grounding our body", "finding the mask", and on and on. In order to make change, we are often charged with the task of undoing long held habits.

The Alexander Technique is one of the most effective methods for releasing long held habits that no longer serve you. Learn how to apply it directly to your singing process so that you can realize your full potential as a singer and artist.


  • Two private Alexander & Singing technique lessons with either Ann Rodiger, Audrey Luna, or Matthew Morris

  • Two morning group Alexander & Singing technique sessions on dynamic body balance, breath, and phonation

  • Two evening Alexander & Singing master classes with a pianist


The new Balance Arts Center
151 West 30th St
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(two blocks from New York Penn Station and most subway lines)


ATsinging’s belief in the importance of daily private work with skilled teachers for the optimal growth of students comes at a substantial cost. ATsinging is thankful to a generous anonymous donor who believes in our mission and is underwriting fellowships to all of our programs, so that we can offer all selected participants largely subsidized tuition fellowships. The remaining tuition to be paid by the participant is listed below, and any further expenses (housing, meals, transportation) are to be covered by the participant.

$350 for professionals
$295 for students


Email matt@atsinging.com with:

1) Two contrasting recordings (video preferred, audio accepted) of pieces that you love. (Note: if you do not have recordings and would like to audition live, let us know and we will schedule live auditions on an individual basis)

2) A short description of your experience with the Alexander Technique and interest in applying it to your singing.


No Fee to Apply. Application Deadline: September 15th