The Alexander Technique (AT) was created to bring ease and freedom to the human voice.

At the turn of the 20th century, AT was created by an Australian actor, F.M. Alexander, to alleviate vocal problems he experienced while performing. Doctors declared there was nothing medically wrong, so Alexander surmised there must be something functionally wrong with what he did while performing. After several years of self-study, Alexander discovered patterns of habitual excess tension that were exaggerated during performance and led to his chronic laryngitis. Upon further exploration he found that by inhibiting those habitual patterns and directing himself to new and better use, he was able to find life-long vocal freedom and ease.

His recovery was so impressive that several of the doctors he had consulted earlier persuaded him to teach others what he had learned. After decades of teaching, he began to teach others how to be teachers of his method themselves.

They named his method the Alexander Technique.

Over a hundred years since its founding, the success of AT in finding freedom and ease in vocal production has inspired teachers and students alike to use its central tenants to bring freedom and ease to the greater range of human activity: from every day activities like walking, sitting at your desk, and standing to sports, the performing arts, and recovery from physical ailments.

AT Singing returns to the original intent of the technique to find ease and freedom in the human voice.


A window into what training with ATsinging can do for you


In August 2019 twenty fellows from around the world gathered in New York City with exceptional faculty for our first annual summer intensive to explore finding more freedom and ease in their minds, bodies, and voices through the Alexander Technique. Hear about their life-changing experiences and discoveries in this video.





Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm
at the
Balance Arts Center

$20/class and multiple class cards available
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Taught by Matt Cahill

Discover how to sing with the freedom and ease you always knew was possible. In the first half of class we explore anatomy, games, and exercises through the Alexander Technique lens to help find greater ease, expanse, and freedom in your mind, body, and singing. The second half of class is run as an informal master class with a pianist, giving singers the opportunity to immediately put their newfound discoveries to practical use in their repertoire.


ATsinging Intro for All
(morning, morning & afternoon)
May 16-23 2020

& ATsinging Professional

May 16-June 6 2020

The Summer NYC Intensive seeks to introduce a generation of singers and singing teachers to how the Alexander Technique can give you back your voice, artistry, and agency, so that you can sing with the freedom, ease, and joy you always knew was possible. Three tracks are available to serve different budgets, schedules, and interests.

Application Deadline: March 1st
No Application Fee


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